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A SaxoTrader csomaggal rengeteg különböző terméktípushoz férhet hozzá egyetlen számláról.



A Saxo Prémium számla különleges juttatásokat és szolgáltatást ajánl Önnek. Amellett, hogy platformjainkkal hozzáférhet többezer különböző termékhez, lesz egy személyes kapcsolattartója, kereskedője, akinek telefonon keresztül megbízásokat adhat.



Használja ki személyreszabható árainkat:

  • FX Opciós spreadek Interbank-i mélységekben
  • További árengedmények volumentől is függően
Platinum Számla
Számlatípusok Classic Premium Platinum
Min. $10,000 Min. $100,000 Min. $500,000
Hozzáférés az összes platformhoz yes yes yes
All Saxo Bank accounts provide access to trading platforms, allowing the online trader access from anywhere:
  • Downloadable and fully customisable, the SaxoTrader is the most professional and complete multi-product online trading tool on the market
  • Designed for quick and easy online trading, the SaxoTraderGO offers secure, efficient and reliable account access with no download or installation required.
Access to all trading products yes yes yes
All Saxo Bank accounts include our extensive range of trading products:
  • 182 Forex crosses (including Gold & Silver)
  • 8.900 CFDs on Stocks, stock market indices and Commodities
  • 19.000 Stocks from 29 international exchanges
  • 40+ FX Options
  • 200 Futures contracts on Oil, Gold, Grains, currencies, indices and more
  • 2.500 ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities)
  • Selection of Sovereign, Government and Corporate bonds
24/5 ügyfélszolgálat és támogatás yes yes yes

All clients have access to Saxo Bank's customer service and technical support through our Account Service centre, available 24/5 in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Russian and more. Our friendly and experienced Account Service personnel assist clients with account questions, technical issues and other non-trading related questions.

Nincs kezelési költség yes yes yes

As a client of Saxo Bank, you have free and unlimited access to our 24/5 service centre that can assist you in a number of technical and account-related issues.

Ingyenes elemzések és hírek no yes yes

In addition to basic market news available to all clients, Saxo Premium clients enjoy free extended streaming news and research, including Dow Jones premium Equities, FX & Fixed Income wires, FX and Commodity Bullets from Market News International and Premium Danish and Swedish financial newswires from Direkt.

24/5 hozzárendelt, személyes kapcsolattartó no yes yes

Clients opening an account with USD 100,000 or more enjoy access to their own personal Account Executive Team, who is available by phone, e-mail or chat 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to handle account enquiries and trading issues in most major languages.

Alakítható árazás no no yes

With the Platinum Account's new Individual Pricing structure, your trading spreads and commissions are more competitive than ever. Your rates are based on your trading volumes, so the more you trade, the tighter your spreads and the lower your commissions can get. For more information, go to the Platinum Account page and fill in the form. We will then contact you to discuss the Individual Pricing that matches the products and volumes you trade.

FX Opciós spreadek Interbank-i mértékben no no yes

Platinum Accounts let you trade FX Options on more than 40 currency pairs as tight as interbank spreads - the same spreads previously available only to market makers and institutional traders. In addition to this special pricing, you will have access to our innovative FX Options Board to trade your choice of either highly liquid standardised contracts or a contract customised for a specific combination of strike price and expiry date.

Gyors ügyintézés no no yes

With a Platinum Account, you will have preferred client service, including expedited Account setup and priority access to our state-of-the-art Client Account Services which will assist you with technical support, account information and other non-trading related questions.

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